Integrated Building Technology

For complete control of your building’s performance.

Get the best out of the building systems you’ve invested in. Our team can help you design, deploy, integrate, maintain and operate all the technology needed to automate your building systems, from HVAC to lighting to IT and OT networks. 

We know networks and the technology it takes to run efficient buildings. We are product agnostic, which means we select solutions based on what’s best suited to your building’s unique requirements. Our goal is to make your building controls as simple, streamlined and future-ready as possible — so you can keep costs down and take advantage of emerging innovations like the Internet of Things (IoT) and data analytics while providing a seamless occupant and operator experience. 

Our turnkey service means you have one partner every step of the way, from design and installation to servicing and maintenance, whether your project is a retrofit or part of a brand-new build. 


Explore our Integrated Building Technology services

Building Automation Systems

Get results today and for years to come with an automation system that works for you and your facility. We offer custom and turnkey solutions plus installation and ongoing preventative maintenance.


Building Intelligence and Master Systems Integration

Our integrated solutions give you valuable insight into your building’s operations through a centralized dashboard and easy-to-read reports — giving you actionable data for smarter decisions, reduced maintenance costs and maximum efficiency across all of your systems.


Energy Management Systems

We can help you optimize your building’s energy resources with market-leading energy management systems and insight into key metrics, reducing costs and promoting sustainability.